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Mail Ballot Challenges

January 14, 2014

SB 79 would have allowed any person to challenge the status of a mail ballot. The legislation did not have a fair process for evaluating challenges, and provided no due process or opportunity for voters to respond.

Mail Ballot Opt Out

January 14, 2014

SB 71 would have established a mail ballot opt-out list, creating confusion for voters and additional administrative concerns. The law was unnecessary, as Colorado requires that voters have the option of voting in person if they prefer.

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New Media Hub Forms in Colorado

August 29, 2017; Blog Post

The Colorado Media Alliance is the newest in a series of small, independent media “hubs” that are forming around the country. These coalitions of media outlets, nonprofit organizations, and other groups are collaborating in new ways to shed light on underrepresented issues within their communities.

Resisting ALEC in Colorado

July 20, 2017; Blog Post

We've been busy preparing for the American Legislative Exchange Council's meeting in Denver this July. Join us as we resist ALEC in Colorado.

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