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County Clerk Authority to Challenge Administrative Rules

April 3, 2014

HB 1354 allows county clerks to challenge administrative rules adopted by the Secretary of State using the Administrative Procedures Act. Without this law, clerks that believed a rule was not proper had to wait for someone else to challenge the rule or not follow the rule and wait to be sued by the Secretary of State.

IDs for Voting

January 15, 2014

HB 1128 would have eliminated several types of ID currently acceptable for voting, including utility bills, bank statements, government checks, and other government documents that have the elector’s name and address on them.

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Letters & Testimony

Common Cause Colorado: November 12, 2008, Testimony to Election Reform Commission

November 12, 2008

Common Cause Colorado's testimony to the Election Reform Commission which begins, 'Good afternoon and thank you for the opportunity to speak with you today. My name is Jenny Flanagan and I am the executive director of Colorado Common Cause. We work for open, honest, and accountable government, and to increase public participation in the political process. Nothing is more sacred in a democracy than a citizen's right to vote. We are the lead organization of Just Vote Colorado, a nonpartisan election protection program designed to assist voters and collect information about Colorado's elections.'

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#WINNING in Denver: Campaign Finance Updates

September 27, 2017; Blog Post

We secured a local victory this September when the Denver City Council approved updates to the city's campaign finance reporting laws--with a unanimous vote!

Introducing Aldridge Chibomba

August 31, 2017; Blog Post

Please join us in welcoming our 2017 Community Solutions Program Fellow, Aldridge Chibomba! Aldridge hails from Mongu, Zambia, where he works with the public to identify and report government corruption.

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