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Colorado: Join the National Popular Vote Compact

The National Popular Vote Compact would not only ensure that the person who actually got more votes wins the presidency, but it would also let candidates spend time engaging with voters in all 50 states--instead of just a handful of swing states.
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Conduct of Recall Elections

March 17, 2014

SB 158 guarantees that recall elections conducted by county clerks will be run in the same manner as other elections, with the use of mail ballots for all voters as well as in person voting at voter service and polling centers. It also aligns the deadlines in statute for conducting the recall with the deadlines that are in the Colorado constitution.

Connect Colorado Broadband Act

March 1, 2014

The bill allows a state subsidy currently being used to maintain telephone lines in hard to reach areas to be shifted to broadband build out. While we support this in concept, it phases out the subsidy before it even gets started, bars not for profit and local governments from participating, and guarantees oversight of the fund for industry, leaving out consumer advocates.

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Letters & Testimony

Common Cause Colorado Testimony in Opposition to House Bill 1115

January 26, 2009

Testimony from Common Cause Colorado given in opposition to House Bill 1115. It reads, in part, 'We are here to testify in opposition to HB 1115 which requires photo ID for voting. Colorado Common Cause is the lead organization in the coalition of Just Vote Colorado, an election monitoring project that has been monitoring CO elections since 2004. In fact, the program was conceived in 2004 to address anticipated problems with the then new requirement to present ID at the polls before voting.'

Colorado Independent Ethics Commission Posistion Statement: Gifts from Lobbyistsand Organizations Represented by Lobbyists-2

January 23, 2009

This Statement out of Colorado state reads, in part, 'The Colorado Constitution authorizes the Independent Ethics Commission (?IEC? or ?Commission?) to give advice and guidance on ethics issues arising under Article XXIX of the Colorado Constitution and any other standards of conduct and reporting requirements as provided by law. The IEC issues this Position Statement for the purpose of clarifying the provisions of Section 3(4) of Article XXIX of the Colorado Constitution [?Section 3(4)?], relating to gifts from lobbyists.'

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Advocating for Net Neutrality

September 29, 2017; Blog Post

On September 26, we joined partners in Washington, DC for the Net Neutrality Day of Advocacy. Our group of Coloradans spoke to our Congressional leaders about the negative impact that loosening net neutrality rules would have on small businesses, news consumers, and everyday Americans.

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Press Releases

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Research & Reports


November 8, 2013

This Common Cause Colorado Report reads, in part, 'Coloradans overwhelmingly voted in favor of Amendment 65, which directs Colorado's members of Congress and State Legislature to approve a constitutional amendment to allow for campaign contribution and spending limits, one of the few ways Coloradans have to push back against unlimited outside spending. The measure passed statewide with 74% of the vote, and passed in every single county in Colorado.'

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General Content

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Elizabeth Steele

Elections Director, Colorado Common Cause, State Staff

Elizabeth Steele is the Elections Director for Colorado Common Cause. She works on elections policy, voter protection, and coordination with elected officials on the state and local levels.

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