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Suspends Colorado Election Law

February 6, 2014

SB 141 would have suspended the provisions of the Voter Access & Modernized Elections Act (including same day registration, use of mail ballots, and establishment of in person voting locations) until 2016. If enacted, there would have been no law in place to direct the conduct of elections.

Telephone Deregulation

March 19, 2014

This bill deregulates the telephone industry in Colorado such that the Public Utilities Commission will no longer have oversight to protect consumers from, for example, overcharges. It also releases the telephone providers from their obligation to provide service to everyone in Colorado, even as 25% still use landlines, many for medical devices that need a landline to communicate with medical personnel.

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Just Vote! Colorado: 2016 Election Wrap-Up

November 21, 2016; Blog Post

The 2016 general election was Colorado’s first since the passage of COVAME, a law that significantly expanded voter access to the ballot. Voters are still getting used to the new law, and therefore had a slew of questions this voting season.

Election Security in Colorado

November 7, 2016; Blog Post

Coloradans are fortunate for a variety of reasons—not least of which is the states’ voter-friendly elections system. Since the passage of COVAME, a law that dramatically expanded voter access to the ballot, the integrity of elections in Colorado has never been higher.

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