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Support the Berkeley Fair Elections Act

Support the Berkeley Fair Elections Act. Take action today by signing our petition below! Together, we can amplify local voices and empower candidates to run small donor campaigns.
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Conservatee Voting Rights - SIGNED INTO LAW

February 26, 2015

This bill establishes a presumption that the disabled, regardless of conservatee status, are competent to vote. The bill prohibits disqualifying them from voting unless a court finds by clear and convincing evidence that the person cannot communicate a desire to participate in the voting process.

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Letters & Testimony

Common Cause California Letter in Support of Assembly Bill 65

March 11, 2011

This Common Cause California letter to Assembly member Mike Gatto begins, 'We are pleased to support Assembly Bill 65, your bill to include the top five contributors to campaign committees in the statewide ballot pamphlet sent to voters before an election.'

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Rally Tuesday to End Partisan Gerrymandering

October 2, 2017; Featured Item, Status Update

Common Cause will join in a rally outside of the Supreme Court on Tuesday as the justices hear the landmark case Gill v. Whitford.

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Press Releases

New Study on City Democracy Shows Changing Landscape

December 20, 2016

California Common Cause today published its inaugural Municipal Democracy Index. The index is a survey of the governance, election, and campaign finance practices of all 482 cities in California.

Voters Lift Democracy Reform Ballot Measures

November 10, 2016

In addition to populist movements that challenged both major party establishments, and was ultimately part of the winning formula for President-elect Donald Trump, voters at the local and state level worked together to win democracy reforms across the country. A total of 20 pro-democracy reform initiatives were on ballots and almost all of them won with comfortable margins.

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Research & Reports

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General Content

Addressing The Scandal

In May 2014, Governor Jerry Brown signed Senate Bill 27 (Correa), closing a major nonprofit reporting loophole and ensuring that future campaigns receiving millions from out-of-state special interests will have to disclose their sources.

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Sylvia Moore

Southern California Organizer, California Common Cause, State Staff

Southern California Organizer, California Common Cause

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