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Letters & Testimony

Comments on Digital Audio Broadcasting Systems And Their Impact on the Terrestrial Radio Broadcast Service

October 19, 2007

Comments which begin, 'With the transition to digital radio, the Commission has a rare opportunity to address documented failures in providing listeners with diverse and local programming. The transition to digital will provide broadcasters with additional programming capacity, and the Commission must use this opportunity to promote its goals of diversity, localism, and competition. The Public Interest Coalition supports the Commission's efforts to ensure that with the additional programming capacity, broadcasters, in return for the exclusive use of the public airwaves, provide meaningful service to the public. Thus, the Public Interest Coalition urges the Commission to adopt rules and policies in which the public will gain substantial benefits from the new technology.'

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Democracy Wire

Can They Hear You Now?

December 7, 2017; Featured Item, Blog Post

Thousands of Americans are heading to Verizon stores across the country today to protest its efforts to gain control of what they can see and hear on the internet.

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