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Tell Vanguard: vote for disclosure!

We're calling on Vanguard, the largest mutual fund in the nation, to vote FOR disclosure whenever a shareholder resolution comes up. Will you join us?
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Deep Drilling, Deep Pockets - Fracking Webinar

December 7, 2011

Recording of a Common Cause webinar on political spending by the natural gas industry. The industry has spent $750 million to convince Congress to ignore the dangers of fracking.

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Democracy Wire

Special Interest Tax Giveaway Also Thrusts the Pulpit into Politics

November 2, 2017; Press Release, Status Update

Buried in the final pages of the tax bill’s handouts to deep-pocketed special interests is a troubling provision that would allow houses of worship to actively engage in partisan politicking. For more than a half century the Johnson Amendment has prohibited 501(c)(3)s, including religious organizations, from participating in political campaigns. If this bright line is removed the abuses will inevitably follow and the loopholes will be expanded. Overwhelmingly members of the clergy support the Johnson Amendment prohibition on political activity but there will inevitably be bad actors and money will change hands for endorsements and more. The mixing of partisan politics, religion and money would not end well and has no business in this legislation.

Getting What They Paid For

October 26, 2017; Featured Item, Blog Post

President Trump's tax "reform" plan is a return on investment for big money campaign donors

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Press Releases

$150,000 in Russian Facebook Political Ads Necessitate Immediate FEC Response

September 6, 2017

Today’s revelations that fake accounts in Russia bought approximately $150,000 in political ads on Facebook demands a complete and immediate response from the Federal Election Commission. The Commission’s intransigence on the issue of curbing the threat of foreign influence in our elections must stop now as this is likely only the tip of the iceberg.

Kid Rock has been running for Senate all summer long, violating federal law

September 1, 2017

In a complaint filed today with the Federal Election Commission and Department of Justice, Common Cause accuses Kid Rock of violating federal election laws by acting as a Senate candidate while failing to register his candidacy, comply with contribution restrictions and publicly disclose contributions to his campaign.

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Research & Reports

Report: Eye on Iraq: Holding Accountable Unchecked Private Contracting

September 27, 2004

This report on private contracting begins, 'One of the first companies to receive a contract for reconstruction work in Iraq was Halliburton, a Texas-based company that provides services to the oil and gas industry and that has a long history of close ties to high-ranking government officials. Those ties have included the late President Lyndon Johnson and the current Vice President Dick Cheney, a former CEO of Halliburton.'

Report: The Medicare/Prescription Drug Bill: A Study in How Government Shouldn?t Work-2

September 26, 2004

This Common Cause report chronicles a series of incidents, large and small, that add up to a consistent effort by the Administration and Congressional leadership to bypass or undermine the rules and laws that are in place to ensure that our government works in an open and accountable manner and that all voices are heard on critical public policy issues. This report looks at the passing of the Medicare bill in particular.

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