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Demand Disclosure! Rally in Boston to #GetMoneyOut

April 2, 2015

This is an April 2nd rally in Boston on the anniversary of the Supreme Court's McCutcheon decision that is part of a nationwide call for President Obama to issue an executive order requiring disclosure of campaign spending by federal contractors.

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In Your Community

Just Fix the Election System

Wyomissing, PA June 10, 2014

I care about a myriad of political issues -- the environment, education, healthcare, jobs, equality and more -- and all of these issues are influenced by our elected representatives.... More

Points of Agreement

Las Cruces, NM June 10, 2014

I have a liberal to progressive philosophy, but I realize that represents only one possible opinion. Common Cause works to find points of agreement where the left and the right can work... More

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Letters & Testimony

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Notice of Appeal: Common Cause v. Kemp

March 23, 2017

Plaintiffs Common Cause and the Georgia State Conference of the NAACP hereby appeal to the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit from the March 17, 2017 Order granting Defendant’s motion to dismiss and the March 17, 2017 Judgment of dismissal.

Bethune-Hill v Virginia State Board of Elections SCOTUS Remand

March 1, 2017

The Supreme Court today, in Bethune-Hill v Virginia State Board of Elections, remanded the case back to the federal district court to determine whether legislators, in drawing lines for 11 districts shortly after the 2010 Census, used race as a factor to dilute the voting power of Black voters in violation of the Equal Protection Clause.

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Democracy Wire

Campaign Finance Reforms Advancing in DC, Suffolk County NY.

December 18, 2017; Blog Post, Status Update

The Washington, D.C. City Council and the Legislature in Suffolk County, NY are expected to vote Tuesday on proposals to limit campaign spending and use public funds to supplement small dollar donations from individuals to candidates for local offices.

FCC Vote to Scuttle Net Neutrality Ignores the Public and the Public Interest

December 14, 2017; Press Release, Status Update

Donald Trump's Chairman, Ajit Pai, has recklessly ignored the tens of millions of Americans who know that affordable access to the Open Internet is essential to life in the 21st century. Today's vote is a body blow for self-expression and self-governance. And the tainted process of ignoring tens of thousands of consumer net neutrality complaints makes the FCC action illegitimate.

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Press Releases

FEC Bows to Pressure and Votes to Open Rulemaking for Online Political Ad Disclosure

November 16, 2017

Americans expect and deserve to know who is bankrolling the political ads that follow them around the internet. In the wake of revelations about Russian use of internet ads to sway the 2016 presidential race, Common Cause and 17,945 members and supporters made that expectation very clear to the FEC, filing comments with the agency last week. In total, more than 150,000 Americans spoke out in comments and petitions with the agency—an FEC rulemaking record.

FCC Vote Kneecaps Local Media by Clearing Way for Massive Mergers like Sinclair-Tribune

November 16, 2017

Even for this craven FCC majority, today’s vote to bless more media consolidation represents an awful new low. The FCC just wiped away time-tested and common sense safeguards that promote vibrant local media by ensuring voters have access to competing sources of news. By blessing consolidation this majority has ensured newsroom redundancy, meaning fewer working journalists to hold the powerful to account. And if that were not enough, let Big Broadcast get even bigger means cable customers nationwide will pay higher bills.

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Research & Reports

Did We Fix That? 2014

October 28, 2014

Executive summary of "Did We Fix That? 2014" which examines the Presidential Commission on Election Administration's core recommendations, reminds election administrators of their importance, and evaluates their implementation (to the extent possible) in states where the 2014 elections are expected to be close, and so might produce a large turnout.

Silencing Science

September 19, 2014

The millions of dollars spent by fossil fuel corporations on elections, largely through dark money front groups, over the last decade is a prime example of how unlimited campaign spending can silence speech. Massive political spending by a network of fossil fuel special interest groups has not only succeeded in stopping federal legislation on climate change, but has also led many members of Congress to go silent on the issue altogether.

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General Content

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Grant Hallmark

Engagement & Fundraising Specialist, Development and Membership

Grant manages high-level donor relations and develops new major donors.

Isabella Bronstein

National Grassroots Organizer , Communications

Isabella Bronstein is Common Cause's National Grassroots Organizer.

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