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Action Alert

Call your senators for the Democracy Amendment

When senators return to Washington on September 8, they will vote on the Democracy for All constitutional amendment (S.J. Res. 19) to get big, special interest money out of our politics. The vote is already scheduled for that very afternoon.
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People's Pledge Briefing Call

July 29, 2014

Learn how you can get politicians and candidates to agree to a "People's Pledge" that will limit campaign spending and negative ads by "independent" super PACs and other groups.

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In Your Community

Hold the Vision

Athens, OH June 10, 2014

When I finished my medical internship in 1972, and joined the USPHS rather than go to Vietnam, I was stationed at St Elizabeth's Hosp in Washington D.C. I knew nothing about politics, coming... More

I Believe in America

Ridgeland, SC June 10, 2014

I'm a disabled Vietnam vet who went to Baghdad and learned first hand how the GOP lies to America. I was a Republican now imp an Independent. A mad Independent. I believe in America not their... More

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February 3, 2014

Text goes here and here and here and here.

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McCutcheon v. FEC

In an amicus brief to the United States Supreme Court, Common Cause and partners, represented by the Campaign Legal Center, speak out in support of the limit on the aggregate limit of campaign contributions to federal candidates and political committees. The brief argues that striking down the limit would turn "a blind eye to the real world consequences of eliminating the longstanding aggregate limits "�_ and disregard(s) the ways the limits continue to advance the governmental interest in preventing corruption and the appearance of corruption.

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What Ever Happened to Good Government in Wisconsin?

September 25, 2009

Common Cause in Wisconsin Reform Event in Janesville, WI - Forum Highlights "What Ever Happened to Good Government in Wisconsin?" ***And How Can We Fix It?*** --- A discussion about: * Campaign finance reform � and why it is needed * How money corrupts our elections, public policy, and the state budget process * How we can clean up our disgraceful state supreme court elections * How reform measures stop corruption and return power to the citizens of Wisconsin --- Panelists: State Senator Judy Robson of Beloit State Representative Kim Hixson of Whitewater State Representative Chuck Benedict of Beloit CC/WI State Governing Board Member Tim Cullen of Janesville Executive Director Jay Heck of Common Cause in Wisconsin Moderator: Stan Stricker News Director/ WCLO Radio Presented by: Common Cause in Wisconsin (Underwritten by The Joyce Foundation) Co-Sponsors: American Association of University Women - Janesville Branch, Wisconsin Nurses Association, and The Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups

Wisconsin Redistricting Reform Bill deserves a Public Hearing

September 12, 2013

Wisconsin State Legislative Leaders refuse to hold a public hearing on a redistricting reform measure that would take the drawing of voting district maps out of the hands of partisan legislators. Help us "shake up" Wisconsin and demand a public hearing!

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Democracy Wire

Common Cause Files Brief in Challenge to Outrageous Partisan Political Gerrymander of Pennsylvania Congressional Districts

January 5, 2018; Press Release, Status Update

Today, Common Cause filed an amicus brief in the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania in League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, in support of a challenge to the state’s extreme partisan political gerrymander. Despite a roughly equal split in votes between the parties in each election since the 2011 redistricting, Republicans have consistently won 13 of the state’s 18 congressional seats. If successful, the case could result in the Court ordering the redrawing of the districts before the 2018 election.

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Press Releases

Corrine Brown Betrayed Her Constituents Out of a Sense of Entitlement

December 4, 2017

The sentencing of former Congresswoman Corrine Brown today to 5 years in prison is not about misplaced trust by her, but misplaced trust by her District 5 constituency and all Floridians that her long career in Congress was in her own self-interest and not in service to them. Brown betrayed her constituents who sent her to Washington to represent their interests, not her own. The sense of entitlement that allowed Brown to participate in this fraud to enrich herself in the name of underprivileged children is extremely disappointing.

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Research & Reports

Optimizing the Voter Experience

August 2, 2016

California's declining voter turnout is cause for concern, warranting significant and immediate action. In order to reduce the more than 40% of registered voters who do not currently vote because of process, time, or scheduling constraints, state legislators should look to modernize elections and improve the voting experience for all.

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General Content

Conference Agenda

Agenda for the 2016 Blueprint Conference Plutocracy, Its Consequences, and the Fight for Democracy

Conference Agenda

Agenda for the 2016 Blueprint Conference Plutocracy, Its Consequences, and the Fight for Democracy

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Cornell Brooks

Member, National Governing Board, Common Cause,

Cornell Brooks is a member of the National Governing Board.

Dale Eisman

Senior Writer/Editor, Common Cause, Communications

Dale Eisman is Common Cause's Senior Writer/Editor

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