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Automatic Voter Registration Pledge

With more than two million Illinoisans eligible to vote but not registered, it is clear that the time has come for Automatic Voter Registration in our state. Both California and Oregon have adopted Automatic Voter Registration systems, and more than 7 million residents have been registered to vote as a result. Illinois should be next!
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Spotlight on California Awards

December 1, 2017

This year, we are proud to shine a spotlight on our democracy leaders, who significantly advanced ethics, transparency, campaign finance, and electoral reform in California.

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In Your Community

Constant Vigilance

Bellevue, WA June 10, 2014

Thanks for asking!

10,000 or so years of human civilization and we've finally figured out democracy it the best way to run a society. Good news: democracy is fair and just. Bad news: it... More

Elections are Being Bought

Austin, TX June 10, 2014

Elections are being bought. The people doing this have a very harmful agenda. They are attacking the rights of more and more segments of our society. The war on women opened my eyes and... More

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Democracy Wire

New Jersey Joins the March to Automatic Voter Registration

April 13, 2018; Blog Post, Status Update

Last week it was Maryland and on Thursday it was New Jersey – the list of states inviting qualified residents to participate in our democracy by automatically registering them to vote continues to grow.

DOJ & FEC Complaints Filed Against President Trump, His Campaign & American Media Inc. for Illegal, Unreported $30K Coordinated Expenditure to Squelch Rumors of Candidate’s Illegitimate Child

April 12, 2018; Press Release, Status Update

Today, Common Cause filed complaints with the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Election Commission (FEC) alleging reason to believe that President Trump, his 2016 presidential campaign and American Media, Inc. (AMI) violated campaign contribution limits and reporting requirements through a December 2015 payment of $30,000 to a former doorman at a Trump property to squelch rumors of then-candidate Trump having fathered an illegitimate child with an employee at Trump World Tower in New York.

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Press Releases

Senate Must Move Quickly on Bipartisan Bill to Protect Mueller Russia Investigation

April 11, 2018

No American is above the law, not even the President. But President Trump is making no bones about the fact that he believes he is above the law and members of his administration continue to float disturbing trial balloons to gauge what the public reaction would be if Trump fired Special Counsel Robert Mueller. In light of these deeply troubling actions, the Senate must move quickly to pass its bipartisan legislation to protect the investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election by the Special Counsel.

Facebook Can't Police Itself; Congress Must Enact Comprehensive Safeguards & Disclosure

April 10, 2018

The Facebook/Cambridge Analytica privacy scandal is another example in a long list where companies have failed to protect the online privacy of their users. Americans have a fundamental right to privacy, and our democracy functions best when we have control over our personal information online. But the existing legal framework we have is inadequate to properly protect online privacy. Now is the time for Congress to pass comprehensive privacy legislation that gives consumers opt-in choice, not just for Facebook, but across-the-board, for those who hold our personal data.

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Research & Reports

Activist Handbook on Redistricting Reform

March 1, 2017

It is important that elected representatives listen to the public in order to ensure that our votes matter. The way district lines are drawn affects how politicians represent constituents’ interests. When communities are kept whole, we have a greater ability to elect candidates of our choice and hold politicians accountable. Having a good representative determines whether your tax dollars are used to serve your community.

Individual and PAC Giving to Women Candidates

December 8, 2016

With the support of a Network Grant from the Democracy Fund, Representation2020 has teamed up with the Center for Responsive Politics and Common Cause Education Fund to research PAC and donor giving to male and female candidates and to devise strategies to challenge them to set targets for the percentage - or overall amount - that they give to women candidates. The following report is designed to create greater transparency on how political giving affects the universe of viable candidates, to draw attention to the key gatekeeper role played by major campaign funders and to design strategies that encourage donors, PACs, political parties and others to reexamine how and when they give to female candidates.

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General Content


Through your will, you can specify that some or all of your assets benefit Common Cause. After your lifetime, the asset(s) you specify will pass to Common Cause and your estate could take a charitable deduction for the amount of your bequest.

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Alan Wiersba

Member, National Governing Board, Common Cause,

Mr. Wiersba has been involved with Common Cause for 20 years, focusing on mitigating the effects of special interest money in politics.

Allegra Chapman

Director of Voting and Elections, Programs

Allegra Chapman is Common Cause's Director of Voting and Elections

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