For Immediate Release House Parties to Take on Fox News

Posted on July 1, 2004

Since the start of our campaign against media consolidation, Common Cause has considered Rupert Murdoch, owner News Corp., which includes Fox News and many other media outlets, the poster boy for the dangers of deregulation.

From our full page ad in the New York Times. Click here for more information.

This Sunday evening, on July 18 we will gather at house parties across the country to watch "Outfoxed," a documentary by Robert Greenwald that exposes Mr. Murdoch's Fox "news" network for what it is: a spin machine broadcasting partisan propaganda, but calling it "fair and balanced" news.

The parties will be connected by an interactive conference call featuring Common Cause President Chellie Pingree, Greenwald, the film's director, and Al Franken, with a discussion about the movie, and how to stop the vast media empire of Rupert Murdoch from growing even more. Click here to check out clips from this film, including one featuring Chellie Pingree.

T hese house parties present us with an opportunity to focus people on the dangers of media consolidation, and Fox's use of the public airwaves to consistently blur the lines between news and commentary.

In addition to MoveOn, the other groups involved include Free Press, Media Matters for America, Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR), and the Center for American Progress.

So please join us on July 18 by attending a house party. You can find a house party in your neighborhood at:

Inviting friends, family, and co-workers who have concerns about the media is a great way to get them involved. As a host you have the option of just inviting people you know, or allowing Common Cause and MoveOn members in your area to join you. This also presents a terrific opportunity to for all of us to learn about organizing such grassroots events, as Common Cause plans to host its own house party event in mid-August. So please regularly visit our homepage for upcoming details.

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