Rutgers University Student Assembly et al., v. Middlesex County Board of Elections

In a case with nationwide implications for the right to vote, Common Cause filed an amicus brief in support of a case asking a New Jersey appeals court to order the state to begin allowing citizens to register to vote or update their registration on the same day they cast their ballots. The case is brought on behalf of individual Rutgers students and several statewide organizations.  The Common Cause amicus brief reviews the experience of three states – California, Connecticut and Colorado – in using registration systems similar to New Jersey’s to implement Election Day Registration. The systems are able to access other state records to verify each prospective voter’s eligibility and then process the voter’s registration form to add them to the rolls “at lightning speed."  The brief contends that the systems in place removes any legal justification for the current 21-day waiting period between the close of registration and the election.

 Amicus Brief in Support of Appellants

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 Appellants' Brief  Amended Complaint

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