Statement by Reform Groups on the Adoption of New Ethics Rules Today by the House

Enclosed for your information is a statement released today by reform groups on the new ethics rules adopted today by the House.

The reform groups include the Campaign Legal Center, Common Cause, Democracy 21, the League of Women Voters, Public Citizen and U.S. PIRG

Statement by Reform Groups on the Adoption of New Ethics Rules Today by the House

The House took a major step forward today in adopting a strong package of new ethics rules to govern the conduct of Members and staff.

Our organizations applaud Speaker Pelosi for the leadership she provided in proposing strong ethics reforms and we applaud Representatives for voting for these important ethics rules reforms.

We strongly urge Senators to adopt similar ethics rules reforms dealing with new restrictions on travel, gifts, meals, entertainment and corporate planes provided for Senators and staff, when the Senate considers ethics and lobbying reform next week.

The House action today represents the first phase of the House ethics and lobbying reform efforts. Lobbying reform legislation is expected to be considered by the House in February and reform of the ethics enforcement process will be considered in March.

Our organizations believe it is essential to establish a new professional, nonpartisan enforcement entity to help enforce the House ethics rules and that such an enforcement entity is a lynchpin for all the other ethics reforms.

We plan on conducting a major effort in support of a new ethics enforcement entity for the House, and for the Senate as well. We also will be conducting a similar effort in support of strong new lobbying reform laws.

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