Senators are urged to vote to invoke cloture on Reid-McConnell substitute

January 17, 2007

Dear Senator,

Our organizations strongly urge you to vote tonight to invoke cloture on the Reid-McConnell substitute.

The announcement by Senator McConnell that he will vote to block a vote on his own ethics and lobbying substitute can only be seen as a cynical act.

The McConnell action, if joined by enough Senators to block cloture, will set the stage for killing essential ethics and lobbying reform legislation and rejecting the deep concerns of the American people about the worst congressional corruption and lobbying scandals in decades.

The 2006 elections held less than three months ago made overwhelmingly clear that the American people wanted Congress to deal with the corruption and ethics scandals that have destroyed public confidence in the institution.

Any Senator who votes against cloture will be voting to continue in the Senate the corrupt practices that were central to the Abramoff lobbying scandals and will be voting to reject ethics and lobbying reforms similar to the reforms that recently passed the House by an overwhelming bipartisan vote of 430 to 1.

Our organizations strongly urge you to stand with the American people and to vote tonight to invoke cloture on the Reid-McConnell substitute.

Campaign Legal Center

League of Women Voters

Common Cause

Public Citizen

Democracy 21


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