Letter to the Republican leadership regarding an independent ethics panel

February 27, 2008

Dear Representative:

We are writing to request that the Republican leadership immediately and publicly denounce a reported effort by senior Republican House aides to compile a list of Democratic House Members to target with ethics complaints if the House passes H. Res 895, a resolution to create an independent ethics panel.

Congress Daily reported that the Republican aides were threatening to pursue ethics investigations of 10 named Democrats, if the House votes as scheduled on Thursday to approve the recommendations of the bipartisan Ethics Task Force.

It is unconscionable that aides to Republican members would publicly threaten to file ethics complaints against Democratic lawmakers in retaliation for a specific floor vote. This is an unfortunate reflection of the level of cynicism that appears to exist among some in the House of Representatives with regard to the enforcement of the rules of conduct.

We hope that the Republican leadership is as offended as we are by this inappropriate action and moves as quickly as possible to condemn it.


Sarah Dufendach, Vice President for Legislative Affairs, Common Cause


Gary Kalman, Director of the Federal Legislative Office, U.S. PIRG

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