Letter to the Consumer Advisory Committee of the Federal Communications Commission

October 30, 2006

Letter to the FCC Consumer Advisory Committee Regarding Media Ownership

Consumer Advisory Committee

c/o Scott Marshall

Designated Federal Officer

Federal Communications Commission

Dear Mr. Marshall,

Common Cause urges the Federal Communications Commission's Consumer Advisory Committee to approve its further recommendation concerning the 2006 Biennial Regulatory Review of the Commission's Media Ownership Rules.

Common Cause for 36 years has worked to connect citizens to their democracy. But citizen participation in democracy demands access to independent, diverse, sources of information. That is why Common Cause strongly supports media ownership rules that encourage the flourishing of independently-owned, institutionally-distinct media outlets that provide local news and information and serve racially and ethnically diverse populations.

Consolidated media fails to respond to citizen needs, a conviction we document in two attached Common Cause studies.

Yours sincerely,

Chellie Pingree

President and CEO

Common Cause

cc: Benton Foundation

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