Common Cause urges Support of DISCLOSE S.3369

July 13, 2012

Open letter to the U.S. Senate

Washington, D.C. 20510

RE: Common Cause urges Support of DISCLOSE S.3369

Common Cause and its 400,000 members and supporters in all 50 states, urge you to please support the DISCLOSE Act, and not block debate on its merits.

Since January 2010, when the Supreme Court decided in Citizens United v. FEC that corporations and labor unions can draw unlimited amounts of money from their treasuries to influence elections, advocates of a fair and transparent campaign finance system have made strengthening disclosure requirements a top priority.

The DISCLOSE Act, (S.3369) would strengthen American democracy by giving voters a more complete picture of the individuals and groups spending money to influence our elections. It would close a loophole in current law that has permitted individuals and groups, including corporations and labor unions, to secretly invest in politics by funneling tens of millions of dollars into tax-exempt organizations that are exempt from current disclosure requirements.

S.3369 is a simplified version of disclosure legislation that in 2010 passed the House and garnered 59 votes in the Senate but was blocked by a Republican-led filibuster. The current bill has been drafted to satisfy objections raised last session--it purely addresses disclosure.

A cloture vote on the motion to proceed on S.3369 will take place on Monday, July 16. I urge you to support the cloture motion so that the Senate can proceed to a full and open debate on this critically important legislation. And when that debate has concluded, I urge you to support final passage of the DISCLOSE Act.


Bob Edgar

President and CEO

Common Cause

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