Common Cause letter to members of Congress on fundraising during government shutdown

September 30, 2013

Dear Member of Congress:

The government is set to shutdown at midnight tonight. Surely no one in either party or either house of Congress should be looking to turn a political profit from this failure to complete one of the most fundamental acts of governance: keeping the government funded.

That's why Common Cause encourages you to forgo political fundraising during a government shutdown. Instead of holding fundraisers and dialing for dollars, members of Congress should be devoting their full attention to forging a budget agreement and resolving the government shutdown.

While the Great Recession may be over, putting up to 1 million people out of work could reverse our economic gains. Rather than trying to protect your own job by raising campaign funds, we strongly encourage you to fund the government, keep our civil servants on the job, and keep the recovery moving.


Aaron Scherb

Director of Legislative Affairs

Common Cause

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