Coalition letter to Congress regarding McCutcheon v. FEC ruling

April 2, 2014

Dear Members of Congress:

In response to the Supreme Court’s decision today in McCutcheon vs. FEC, and on behalf of the millions of members of our respective organizations, we strongly encourage you to endorse the use of constitutional remedies to restore the authority of Congress and the states to effectively regulate the amount of money that candidates for public office and others may spend in election campaigns.

The Court’s decision in McCutcheon v. FEC further erodes the ability of the American people, through their elected representatives, to protect the integrity of the legislative and electoral processes from the undue influence of private economic power. As we witnessed in Citizens United v. FEC (2010), the Court has once again ignored longstanding precedent in its ruling, and has utilized a dangerously inaccurate interpretation of the intent of the First Amendment to strike down commonsense campaign finance law. The result of these recent decisions, as well as certain portions of Buckley v. Valeo (1976), is that the American people are losing access to the democratic process; the implications of this loss are grave.

To date, over 500 cities/towns and 16 states have formally called upon Congress to send a corrective constitutional amendment to the states for ratification. Over 2 million Americans have signed petitions calling for an amendment, and poll after poll demonstrates broad public support for constitutional reform.

A list of amendment resolutions under current consideration in the 113th Congress is available at We encourage you to sponsor an amendment resolution and become a proponent of the amendment strategy.

Center for Media and Democracy
Color of Change
Common Cause
Communications Workers of America
CREDO Action
Food & Water Watch
Franciscan Action Network
Free Speech For People
Friends of the Earth
National Education Association
People For the American Way
Public Citizen
Public Campaign
Story of Stuff

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