Coalition Letter to Senate Regarding Omnibus Spending Bill

December 10, 2014

Dear Senator,

Our organizations strongly urge you to oppose the Omnibus Appropriations bill as long as it contains the destructive campaign finance provisions that were buried in the bill released yesterday.

If these campaign finance provisions become law, they will constitute the most corrupting campaign finance provisions ever enacted by Congress and signed by a President.

The legislation massively increases the limits on individual contributions to a party by allowing a single individual to contribute to each national party’s three committees a total of $777,600 per year or $1,555,200 per two-year election cycle. It allows a couple to contribute to these committees a total of $1,555,200 per year or $3,110,400 per two-year cycle.

There is absolutely no justification for allowing these massive individual contributions that can only be given by millionaires and billionaires and that are bound to result in corruption and national scandals.

Our organizations strongly urge you not to vote for any legislation that contains these provisions and that will eviscerate longstanding, critical anti-corruption laws.

Campaign Legal Center
Common Cause
Democracy 21
League of Women Voters
Public Citizen
People For the American Way

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