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Sessions WatchAttorney General Sessions has spent his career fighting the laws that strengthen our democracy -- now he's deciding whether or not to enforce the civil rights and voting rights protections he vehemently opposes. His confirmation as Attorney General is a direct threat to our democracy.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has spent years pursuing an anti-voter agenda, and poses a direct threat to our democracy. Now that Jefferson Beauregard Sessions is the Attorney General HE MUST BE WATCHED.  And why Common Cause is launching SESSIONS WATCH.

We can't let our guard down for one moment.  Common Cause is organized in the states and in Washington, D.C. t to hold Sessions’ feet to the civil liberties and voting rights fire.

Our special SESSIONS WATCH TEAM has already swung into action.

  • We're mobilizing grassroots action and legal teams in key states to sound the alarm and go into court in wherever voting rights and civil rights are threatened.

  • Here in Washington we're preparing investigative reports and legal briefs to take on the conflicts of interest that are springing up like spring crocuses all through the Trump Administration.

  • On Capitol Hill our lobbying teams are turning up the heat and turning on the spotlight to make certain our demands for investigations --whether on Russian hackers or Cabinet self-dealing-- are not swept under the rug.

If you're with us -- join Sessions Watch today!

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