Table of Contents

Commission Findings

  1. States should adopt online voter registration ("OLVR").

  2. Interstate exchanges of voter registration information should be expanded.

  3. States should seamlessly integrate voter data acquired through Departments of Motor Vehicles with their statewide voter registration lists.

  4. Schools should be used as polling places; to address any related security concerns, Election Day should be an in-service day.

  5. States should consider establishing vote centers to achieve economies of scale in polling- place management while also facilitating voting at convenient locations.

  6. Jurisdictions should develop models and tools to assist them in effectively allocating resources across polling places.

  7. Jurisdictions should transition to electronic pollbooks.

  8. Jurisdictions should recruit public and private sector employees, as well as high school and college students, to become poll workers.

  9. States should institute poll worker training standards.

  10. Election authorities should establish advisory groups for voters with disabilities and for those with limited English proficiency.

  11. States and localities must adopt comprehensive management practices to assure accessible polling places.

  12. States should survey and audit polling places to determine their accessibility.

  13. Jurisdictions should provide bilingual poll workers at any polling place with a significant number of voters who do not speak English.

  14. Jurisdictions should test all election materials for plain language and usability.

  15. States should expand opportunities to vote before Election Day.

  16. States should provide ballots and registration materials to military and overseas voters via their websites.

  17. The standard-setting and certification process for voting machines must be reformed.

  18. Audits of voting equipment must be conducted after each election as part of a comprehensive audit program, and data concerning machine performance must be publicly disclosed in a common data format.

  19. Local jurisdictions should gather and report voting-related transaction data for the purpose of improving the voter experience.


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