Exposing Corporate Power

In America, elected officials are supposed to answer to "we the people."

But today, some corporations and wealthy individuals have formed and/or bankrolled non-profit groups and other associations geared to making elected officials answer to them. Many of these groups use the tax code to hide the identity of their donors.

At Common Cause, we're working to expose these power grabs and block the corporate takeover of our democracy.

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Latest Status

The national debate over gun control took center stage at the US Senate last week when Senator Chris Murphy, D-CT, and allies staged a 15-hour filibuster to force action on gun control legislation. The talk-a-thon ended only when the Senate agreed...

Murphy’s filibuster a win against big money
Allison Gordon, Common Cause intern , June 21, 2016

Amid heightened public concern about the influence of big money on elections and decision-making in Congress and state legislatures, Common Cause and the Health Professionals and Allied Employees Union called on Pfizer today to disclose its...

Investors and Advocates Push Pfizer for More Transparency
April 23, 2015

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The Supreme Court gutted a key provision of the Voting Rights Act.

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