Confirmed Speakers

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Omar Ashmawy - Staff Director & Chief Counsel, Office of Congressional Ethics

Richard Ben-Veniste - Former Prosecutor for the Watergate Special Prosecution Task Force; Partner, Mayer Brown LLP

David Cole - Legal Director, American Civil Liberties Union

Former Ambassador Norm Eisen - Senior Fellow - Governance Studies, Brookings

Wendy Fields - Executive Director, Democracy Initiative

Bruce Freed - President and Co-Founder, Center for Political Accountability

Chris Gates - Senior Advisor, Common Cause

Susannah Goodman - Director of Voting Integrity, Common Cause

U.S. EAC Commissioner Tom Hicks


Karen Hobert Flynn – President, Common Cause

Former Rep. Liz Holtzman - Member of House Judiciary Committee during Watergate; Counsel, Herrick Feinstein LLP.

Lindsey Kerr - Democratic Chief Counsel at Senate Rules Committee United States Senate

Annie Linskey

Annie Linskey - Chief National Correspondent, Boston Globe

Meredith McGehee- Chief of Policy, Programs and Strategy, Issue One

Yascha Mounk - Lecturer on Government at Harvard University, Senior Fellow in the Political Reform Program at New America

Becky Pringle - Vice President, National Education Association

Paul S. Ryan - Vice President of Policy & Litigation, Common Cause

Marian Schneider – President, Verified Voting

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