5. Everyone is held accountable.

The next president of the United States should commit to a 21st Century democracy where everyone is held accountable. The next president should endorse, prioritize, and work aggressively with Congress to pass legislation to create a new enforcement agency with real power to hold campaign violators accountable and legislation to shut down individual-candidate super PACs and strengthen the rules that prohibit coordination between candidates and outside spending groups. The next president should commit to appointing FEC commissioners who promise to enforce existing law and an Attorney General who will prioritize addressing violations of campaign finance and election laws.

Fighting Big Money, Empowering People:
A 21st Century Democracy Agenda
 1. Everyone participates
 2. Everyone's voice is heard
 3. Everyone knows who is trying to influence our views and our representatives;
 4. Everyone plays by fair, common-sense rules
 5. Everyone is held accountable, with enforceable penalties to deter bad behavior.

A fair and accessible election system requires strong enforcement of our laws. Those who break the law must face real consequences that deter bad behavior.

But the FEC consistently fails to enforce and properly interpret campaign finance laws. As a result, candidates and their political operatives constantly stretch, if not break, the laws with impunity. A new, real enforcement agency is needed to replace the FEC. In the meantime, the President should appoint individuals to the FEC who are committed to enforcing existing law.

Individual-candidate super PACs and coordination between candidates and outside spending groups allow federal candidates and their big donors to evade the candidate contribution limits enacted by Congress and upheld by the Supreme Court. Shutting down individual-candidate super PACs and strengthening coordination rules are necessary to ensure accountability.

Given the complete enforcement breakdown, the Department of Justice needs to actively exercise its jurisdiction to prosecute criminal violations of campaign finance laws and election laws that protect access to the ballot box.

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