Save The Selfie!

Help protect the Open Internet

The Internet is our 21st century public square. It's where journalists, organizers, and citizens connect with each other and make their voices heard -- in all kinds of ways.

Net neutrality, the guarantee that all content is equally accessible, is the linchpin of that self-expression -- and it's under attack.


The Federal Communications Commission is considering letting broadband providers like Comcast and Verizon create special "fast lanes" for those who can pay, leaving the rest of us behind.

The big telecoms are pushing hard to make this happen, but if it does, it's going to be a lot harder to follow the news, debate the issues, and yes, take selfies.

So let's do something about it -- join activists across the country who are snapping selfies and tweeting them at @TomWheelerFCC with a clear message: "Our democracy needs the Open Internet."

Now it's your turn.


Here's some sample tweets you can use:

Dear @TomWheelerFCC - #savetheselfie and support a truly open and equal internet for all.

First Netflix, now selfies? @TomWheelerFCC it's up to you to protect net neutrality and #savetheselfie

Our democracy relies on the open Internet -- tell @TomWheelerFCC to #savetheselfie today!

.@TomWheelerFCC - we need you to #savetheselfie! Support a truly open and equal internet for everyone.

We're asking @TomWheelerFCC to protect net neutrality and #savetheselfie -- join us at

One more selfie for Internet freedom -- @TomWheelerFCC are you listening? #savetheselfie

We'll be retweeting everyone who takes part in this action from @CommonCause, and we'll feature our favorite selfies on this page and across social media.

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