Accountable Ads

Political ads can help citizens understand candidates and issues. And to be fair, those who pay for ads should be easily identifiable as to their background and sources of funds. Unfortunately, deliberately misleading “secret money” groups are hiding behind generic and patriotic-sounding names while freely airing distortions and sometimes outright lies about candidates and issues.

Secret money advertisers are getting bolder and their rate of spending is increasing. By October 2015, $4.88 million in dark money had already been spent for the 2016 election cycle, "more than 10 times the $440,000 that was spent at this point during the 2012 cycle,” according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

The FCC has the authority and the power to stop this abuse of the public’s trust – and rein in secret money spenders by requiring in-ad, on-air disclosure of the top sponsors behind an ad.

It’s time for the FCC to deliver. Don’t tolerate generic and useless funder attributions at the end of a political ad. Voters should know who is really behind these shadowy ads — corporation, organization, or billionaire — and be able to judge for themselves the interest or agenda of the funder.

Stay informed. Follow the #AccountableAds hashtag on social media.

It is past time for the @FCC to rein in secret money. We need #AccountableAds! 

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