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Funding made available through the Common Cause Education Fund supports Common Cause’s mission in a number of ways.  For example:

  • Our Voting and Elections work includes protecting the vote on Election Day and working to expand access to the polls for all citizens.  We work to strengthen regulations and practices in states, and assist voters on Election Day through hotlines, training poll monitors, and proposing ways to improve the election process. We engage the media, activists, the general public, state and national partners, and policymakers on issues that threaten eligible voters’ rights to cast their ballots and to ensure elections are fair and accurate.  
  • Facilitating and supporting citizen action to reform Money in Politics takes many forms — outreach to the media, organizing forums, polling and messaging research, building coalitions of diverse partners  — in order to advance measures like public financing of campaigns and disclosure of contributions to political advertising so that candidates engage with voters, rather than corporate interests and wealthy individuals.
  • Redistricting Reform aims to take the process of drawing voting districts out of the hands of politicians whose primary goal is to get reelected.  Preparing for the next redistricting cycle in 2021, Common Cause is now bringing together leaders in the voting rights and civil rights communities to discuss and develop shared principles, goals and strategies for reform. We have also had great success encouraging citizens to get involved by creating their own versions of fair districts.
  • Our Media and Democracy work focuses on making sure government sets policies to keep the Internet and other media platforms open, diverse, and accessible to all Americans. We are speaking to groups all over the country and getting the word out on radio, TV and in the press, encouraging people to get informed and get involved. Thousands of Common Cause members and activists are signing petitions asking the Federal Communications Commission to put the public’s interests first.  
  • Building a Blueprint for a Great Democracy.  With a generous investment in the from the WhyNot Initiative over ten years, Blueprint for a Great Democracy seeks to address a broad set of democracy challenges by forging consensus among policy reformers on solutions, through an annual convening of reform leaders, regional gatherings, and a fellowship program that diverse provides academics, reform leaders, journalists with a platform for bringing new ideas and perspectives for making democracy work in the 21st century.

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