27 for 27: President's Emergency Fund

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khf-27-2When lawyers need to be hired … when lawmakers call a midnight session to try to gut essential protections … when activists need to be organized and deployed at a moment’s notice … The President’s Emergency Fund will empower Karen to act without hesitation, and to turn the tide of the most critical fights against anti-democratic forces.

khf-27-1We are launching just ahead of Karen’s first anniversary as our President. But most impressively, it also marks her 27th year of service to Common Cause as a state and national leader. To honor her commitment, we are asking leading members like you to help seed this critical fund by making a gift at the $270 level or higher.

Please respond as quickly as you can. Everyday seems to bring alarming new threats to our democracy and we need to have this Fund available to Karen within the next two weeks. It will mean so much to Karen personally to know that you are among the founding members of this fund. But it will mean even more to our county’s future.

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The Supreme Court gutted a key provision of the Voting Rights Act.

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