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Posted on February 11, 0013


Evidently Common Cause members know the old quote "Sunshine is the Best Disinfectant." As a part of our Your Right to Know: Truth in Political Advertising, we asked you to sign a petition calling on the FCC to enforce its power to compel real disclosure -- authority it has had for decades but refuses to exercise.

The response was phenomenal -- 27,000 of you have already added your names to our petition. Let's push this over the top -- help us reach 30,000 signatures so we spread the message to the FCC.

Former FCC Commissioner and Special Advisor to Common Cause's Media and Democracy initiative Michael Copps had this to say in this week's The Nation:

The ball is in the FCC's court. Three votes from the five-member commission can carry the day for disclosure"and democracy.

At a time when many people are "learning" more about election campaigns from political ads than from the consolidated media companies that have fired thousands of reporters and crippled hundreds of newsrooms, the fissures in our democracy will only widen unless anonymous money is brought to account.

It is time to move our campaigns and our country into the bright sunlight of full disclosure.

It is beyond time the FCC clean up the dark money! Sign the petition today! And as always, follow me at @ttoboyle and Michael Copps at @coppsm for the latest updates from the Media and Democracy team.

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