Millions Have Already Voted Against Citizens United

Written by Mike Persley on January 22, 2015

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In the five years since the U.S. Supreme Court’s disastrous Citizens United decision allowed unlimited amounts of money to pour into our political system, more than 5.4 million Americans have voted to support a constitutional amendment to eliminate corporate personhood and to restore constitutional rights and fair elections to the people.

In 2012, over 70 percent of voters in Colorado and Montana supported an amendment that allows for mandatory limits on campaign spending at the federal, state, and local level. Other states, through concerted grassroots effort, have seen similar ballot initiatives pass on the local level.

In Massachussetts, 179 different townships have voted to have the state senator from their district  vote in favor of a resolution calling upon Congress to propose an amendment to the U.S. constitution affirming that (1) corporations are not entitled to the constitutional rights of human beings, and (2) both Congress and the states may place limits on political contributions and political spending.

More than half a million people in Wisconsin have voted in favor of similar initiatives. Below is the number of people in each state who have supported an amendment:

California: 621,884
Colorado: 1,781,180
Illinois: 1,119,442
Massachussetts: 669,079
Montana: 354,278
Oregon: 151,774
Vermont: 11,363
Florida: 53, 019
New Hampshire: 15,596
Ohio: 15,706
Utah: 17, 229
Wisconsin: 563, 672

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