Maryland Governor Makes Election Reform a Top Priority in State of the State Address

Posted by Dan Vicuña on February 4, 2015

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan made campaign finance reform and an end to gerrymandering top priorities in his first State of the State address. Hogan’s speech demonstrates recognition that special interest influence in elections and a broken redistricting process create a deep divide between Annapolis and Maryland citizens.

The governor called for a restoration of funding for the Fair Campaign Finance Fund, Maryland’s only statewide public campaign funding program. Hogan told lawmakers that “this program levels the playing field and holds elected leaders accountable.” Hogan was the first gubernatorial candidate in Maryland history to win office while participating in the Fair Campaign Finance Fund.

Hogan also pledged to form a commission to identify an independent process for redistricting, adding that “gerrymandering is a form of political gamesmanship that stifles real political debate and deprives citizens of meaningful choices.” Maryland has been identified as one of the most gerrymandered states in America.

See the State of the State address here.

Office: Common Cause Maryland, Common Cause National

Issues: Voting and Elections, Money in Politics, Voting and Elections

Tags: Clean Elections, Tame the Gerrymander, Empowering Small Donors, Redistricting

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