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A slice of the redistricting story

January 8, 2016

Sometimes the best way to talk about wonky public policy issues is over drinks. Last night, we did just that at our first informational happy hour of the New Year. Participants learned about redistricting, an issue that has been in the spotlight both nationally and in Colorado. Here are a few questions that came up, along with some short answers.

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From Colorado to Bangladesh

December 4, 2015

The four months fellowship under Community Solutions Program (CSP) sponsored by US Department of State and my host organization Colorado Common Cause (CCC) has given me the opportunity to do some research on governance and its derivatives for developing community to ensure their rights and wellbeing. Colorado Common Cause works on government accountability through citizens’ participation in public decision-making to hold governments accountable. CCC believes instead of thinking of government as an "other," it should reflect the wishes of citizens. Just as we're all accountable to friends, family and colleagues, government must be accountable to citizens.

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From Bangladesh to Colorado

September 24, 2015

During his four months fellowship, Touhid will work closely with us at Colorado Common Cause to learn how civic engagement non-profits work in the US, and share his expertise in communications and fundraising with us.


Why Colorado Wants Internet Freedom

June 25, 2015

Colorado ranks number 4 in technology based economic development. Communities are doing a lot to expand internet access into rural parts of the state to allow for even more of that. These changes will create new opportunities for people living in economically depressed areas, and add rural living to the list of options for entrepreneurs stuck in the city in a gorgeous state like Colorado. But if we lose internet freedom, these opportunities will be available only to the very wealthy or very connected.

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