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Jimmy Fallon

'You Better Watch Out'

December 5, 2017

Bruuuce! AKA Jimmy Fallon, has a holiday message for the president

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Mueller Probe Flirts with Trump's 'Red Line'

December 5, 2017

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016 election now appears to include an examination of President Trump’s dealings with Germany’s largest bank.

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Corrine Brown Betrayed Her Constituents Out of a Sense of Entitlement

December 4, 2017

The sentencing of former Congresswoman Corrine Brown today to 5 years in prison is not about misplaced trust by her, but misplaced trust by her District 5 constituency and all Floridians that her long career in Congress was in her own self-interest and not in service to them. Brown betrayed her constituents who sent her to Washington to represent their interests, not her own. The sense of entitlement that allowed Brown to participate in this fraud to enrich herself in the name of underprivileged children is extremely disappointing.

Common Cause Pennsylvania Names Micah Sims Its New Executive Director

December 4, 2017

Today, Common Cause announced that Micah C.T. Sims has been named Executive Director of Common Cause Pennsylvania. Micah brings to the position a diverse background that includes community organizing and advocacy, working as a radio and television host, and continuing in a calling to ministry.

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