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8 Justices is not Enough

June 9, 2016

Americans depend on the Supreme Court to address the most important and most complicated questions about our laws, and the justices have plenty of those on their calendar this term, with cases ranging from voting rights to abortion to campaign finance.

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Stanford rape case exposes broken judicial system

June 8, 2016

Amid the nationwide outcry over the light sentence Santa Clara (CA) Superior Court Judge Aaron Persky imposed last week on a former Stanford University swimmer convicted of sexual assault, the judicial election process that put Persky on the bench and is helping him stay there has gone all but unnoticed.

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Washington's Wisdom: Advice to the Senate on the Supreme Court Vacancy from a Real Originalist

February 22, 2016

This afternoon, the United States Senate will observe one of its most hallowed traditions: the annual reading of President George Washington's farewell address, penned in 1796. Every year, a senator is assigned to read the address into the Congressional Record, and then adding his or her signature to a leather-bound book that is kept by the secretary of the Senate for posterity. This observance began during the Civil War.

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Sen. McConnell’s deal for the ultra-wealthy to buy politicians

November 30, 2015

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, Politico reported that Senator McConnell is planning to insert a provision in a must-pass government funding bill that would significantly increase the amount of money that political parties could spend on candidates. The provision, drafted in secret and without any hearings, would eliminate caps on the amount of political money that parties may spend in coordination with candidates.

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