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Common Cause 2016 Year-end Report: Win and Keep Winning

December 22, 2016

The 2016 election, no matter your political perspective, had twists and turns that continue to provide shocks, and real challenges to our democracy. At Common Cause, as we look over 2016 for lessons learned and prepare for the challenges and opportunities ahead, our motivating thought is to, “Win and keep winning.” That’s what we did in 2016 thanks to your support. You are an integral part of each and every victory outlined in this year-end review – and that’s just a sampling. Thank you for standing up for democracy and with Common Cause in this critical moment in our history.

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Platforms Without Media?

July 12, 2016

Party platforms can be sleepy affairs. In recent years, platform writing too often became an exercise of box-checking to “reach out and touch” as many interest groups as possible so everyone felt involved, with an anodyne sentence or two thrown in so these interests felt included. Long on generalities and short on specifics, platforms in recent years were routinely adopted at the party’s convention—and then promptly forgotten.

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Untold Stories Matter, Too

May 31, 2016

Pretend you’re a journalist (if you really are one, ignore that but read on anyhow) and someone calls and says “I’ve got a good and timely story that I think your readers/listeners would like to know about. There is a government agency that has both the authority and the responsibility to help clean up our broken big-money election campaigns—and it is refusing to do its job.” Let me explain.

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