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Trump's Evolution

June 16, 2017

President Trump campaigned on promises to “drain the swamp” in Washington, yet on June 8, arguably the darkest day of his presidency to date, one of Trump’s top assistants hosted some of the most mud-covered swamp residents at the White House

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CHOICE Act Demonstrates Banking Industry's Muscle

June 12, 2017

Banks are supposed to protect people’s money, and politicians are supposed to represent people’s interests. But a bill which passed the House of Representatives last week would put people’s savings in jeopardy, enrich the banks, and fatten the campaign chests of its congressional supporters.

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Power Grab from Above

June 6, 2017

President Trump’s plan to turn air traffic control (ATC) over to the private sector would shift millions of dollars worth of public assets into private hands and potentially provide a multi-billion dollar shot in the arm to the airline industry, a reliable contributor to Trump’s Republican allies on Capitol Hill.

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