Common Cause New York Comments on Redistricting Report

Posted by Dan Vicuña on October 9, 2014


Following the release of a report on redistricting by supporters of Issue 1, Common Cause New York discussed its opposition to a proposal that would enshrine in the New York State Constitution a redistricting commission that is largely controlled by the legislature. Referring to a court victory requiring removal of the word “independent” from the official ballot description of the proposed commission, Executive Director Susan Lerner stated the following in the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle and the Albany Times Union: “Spin it any way you like, but after the judge’s ruling, it’s impossible to claim that Proposition 1 would ‘unrig’ the system. New Yorkers understand that this proposed commission would actually make a bad situation worse.” 

Office: Common Cause New York

Issues: Redistricting, Voting and Elections

Tags: Redistricting

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