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Investors and Advocates Push Pfizer for More Transparency

April 23, 2015

Short Hills, NJ: Amid heightened public concern about the influence of big money on elections and decision-making in Congress and state legislatures, Common Cause and the Health Professionals and Allied Employees Union called on Pfizer today to disclose its lobbying activity (including indirect lobbying through trade associations and tax-exempt organizations) and drop its membership in the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a controversial state level lobbying organization.

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Statement of Common Cause President Miles Rapoport on Record One Million Public Comments Urging the SEC to Require Corporate Disclosure of Political Spending

September 4, 2014

Earlier today, representatives of the Corporate Reform Coalition conducted a press conference outside the SEC to urge the agency to move swiftly on a proposed rule requiring corporations to disclose their political spending. A petition requesting this rulemaking was filed in 2011 by a bi-partisan committee of leading law professors. The rulemaking was placed on the agency’s agenda by former SEC Chair Mary Schapiro in 2013, but was removed by Chair Mary Jo White earlier this year, sparking outrage among investors and the public.

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