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Victory in California 'Dark Money' Scheme

October 24, 2013

Simply put: today is a day of victory for common sense campaign disclosure laws and the people of California! A pair of Arizona non-profit groups that in 2012 funneled $15 million from anonymous donors into two California ballot initiative campaigns and were flushed out thanks to a complaint from California Common Cause agreed Thursday to pay $1 million in fines to the state.

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California convenes grand jury to look into dark money

July 18, 2013

Since Common Cause filed its complaint in October 2012, little information has been made public . This new flux of subpoenas, many of which were given to wealthy conservatives associated with the Koch brothers, confirms that a grand jury investigation is underway. The result of this investigation could lead to an over $10 million penalty and criminal charges, which seem to be just a small, but emblematic, drop in Koch Industries $100 billion dollar annual bucket.


CA Campaign Finance Data Set Free

May 22, 2013

Today, California Secretary of State Debra Bowen announced her plans to make the raw data behind California's lobbyists and campaign finance database available, online, on one spreadsheet available to the public and updated daily. Secretary Bowen's announcement is a reversal from a position she has long held since Common Cause began asking for this disclosure in 2011.

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