Scott Swenson

Vice President for Communications


Scott B. Swenson is the Vice President for Communications for Common Cause. He oversees strategic communications and messaging for the national organization and is working to integrate that with the work being done on the front-lines of democracy in the organization's 35 state affiliates.

Before joining Common Cause in July of 2015, Scott helped build and lead the Piper Fund's Communications Collaborative at ReThink Media on Money in Politics, a network of more than 50 national organizations working to elevate the issues of money in politics on the national agenda. His work was highlighted by the media coverage of the public reaction to the McCutcheon v FEC Supreme Court decision. He helped bring the advocacy community together around a comprehensive set of policy objectives and facilitated a process resulting in the reframing of those solutions into principles and a platform that has brought unprecedented collaboration to the reform community and helped broaden its reach. Scott also worked as Director of Strategic and Legislative Communications for the ACLU; founding-editor of RH Reality Check; executive director of Death with Dignity National Center; communications director at the Gill Foundation; and honed his communications craft at Communications Consortium Media Center, Public Agenda in New York, and on Capitol Hill for Congressman Dan Glickman, as well as a number of other issue and candidate campaigns. He is Kansas native, loyal Jayhawk basketball fan, and splits his baseball loyalties between the Nationals and the World Champion and back-to-back American League Champion Kansas City Royals.

Scott attended the University of Kansas.

Phone: 202.736.5713


Twitter: @SBSwenson

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