Miles Rapoport

Senior Advisor

Miles Rapoport

Miles Rapoport is a Senior Advisor for Common Cause and was the president of Common Cause from 2014- June 2016.

Miles’ career as an elected official, progressive activist and organizer, institution builder, and policy advocate spans four decades.

He joined Common Cause in 2014 after 13 years as president of Demos, a New York-based public policy organization working for economic equality and a stronger, fully inclusive democracy. He also is a former secretary of the state and state legislator in Connecticut, and founded or led several citizen organizations working on political reform, consumer protection, racial equality, and economic justice issues.

Miles spearheads Common Cause’s work to advance reforms at the national, state and local levels that curb the influence of special interest money, broaden participation in our election processes, and ensure that our government and our media meet their obligations to serve the public interest. He also focuses on the relationship between wealth and political power and ensuring that government at all levels gives every citizen an equal chance to share in our nation’s prosperity. The well-documented concentration of national wealth in the hands of a few thousand Americans at the top of the economic pyramid has been accompanied by spectacular growth in the political power of major corporations and that same group of very wealthy individuals.

At Demos, Miles led the organization's growth from a small start-up to a major policy research organization. Demos’ work, for an economy where everyone has an equal chance and a democracy where everyone has an equal say, reflects many of the principles and goals of Common Cause. Miles has authored or co-authored studies and articles on campaign finance reform, economic inequality, and elections and voting rights.

Before joining Demos, Miles served five terms (1985-95) in the Connecticut General Assembly and one term (1995-99) as Connecticut's secretary of state. He also founded and directed Democracy Works, a Hartford-based advocacy center that focused on campaign finance reform, voting rights and access, programs to involve citizens in the political process and promoting racial understanding.

Miles began his career in 1973 as an organizer in the Citizen Action Program in Chicago. He co-founded Massachusetts Fair Share, a Boston-based citizens group, in 1975 and spent five years beginning in 1979 as executive director of the Connecticut Citizen Action Group. From 1985-94, while serving in the state legislature, he was founder and director of Northeast Action, a support and assistance center for grassroots organizing in five New England states.

Miles serves on the board of The American Prospect magazine, and was its president from 2010-12. He also serves on the board of the Paul J. Aicher Foundation and is a former board member of the Center for Policy Alternatives.

A native of Long Island, NY, Miles attended Harvard University and holds a B.A. degree from New York University, where he majored in political science. He and his wife, Sandra (Sam) Luciano, are the parents of two adult sons and grandparents of three.


Twitter: @MilesRapoport

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