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Historic Decision in Wisconsin For the first time in the history of the United States, a court has ruled that partisan gerrymandering violates the U.S. Constitution. A three-judge federal district court panel in Whitford v. Gill held...

Gerrymander Gazette - November 2016
November 28, 2016

Common Cause supports reviewing election results and the right of candidates and others to call for recounts. The recount process is critical to adding necessary transparency to the election process, identifying problems, and increasing voter ...

Recounts in Close Elections Should Be Routine
November 27, 2016

Common Cause New Mexico will honor four separate groups of citizens and elected officials with its Best in Government Awards at its annual luncheon in Albuquerque on Saturday, December 3, 2016. Common Cause New Mexico sponsors the lunch each year...

Join Us for Our Annual Luncheon and Awards
November 16, 2016

In addition to populist movements that challenged both major party establishments, and was ultimately part of the winning formula for President-elect Donald Trump, voters at the local and state level worked together to win democracy...

Voters Lift Democracy Reform Ballot Measures
November 10, 2016

This is a challenging moment for our work to strengthen our democracy. After an unprecedented and unpredictable election, Donald Trump has been elected President, and Republican majorities control the House and Senate. As a non-partisan good...

A challenging moment
November 10, 2016

California voters sent a clear message to the nation that the democracy reform is needed to bring balance to our democracy. Voters across the state approved several measures to help create a democracy where everyone’s voice is heard and vote...

California Voters Pass Sweeping Democracy Reform
November 9, 2016

8:53 PM Polls are closed now in: 7:30 Poll Closing Time North Carolina Ohio West Virginia 8:00 Poll Closing Time Alabama Connecticut Delaware DC Florida Illinois Maine Maryland Massachusetts Mississippi Missouri New Hampshire New...

2016 Election Protection Live Blog
November 8, 2016

As Americans cast their votes today, one message of the 2016 election already is clear: left, right and center, people are determined to make our democracy again work for them and their families. While journalists have focused on the...

Voters Lifting Democracy Reform Issues
November 8, 2016

Common Cause New Mexico is working to ensure that no one faces voter intimidation or suppression tactics at the polls. We have nonpartisan volunteer poll watchers who will be on hand Election Day to answer voter questions and observe the goingson...

Toll-free numbers and websites are available to help aid voters
October 31, 2016

In our democracy, every adult citizen has an equal vote and the right to participate. But a recent report suggesting that the Trump-Pence campaign is working to suppress the votes of some Americans is cause for alarm by all Americans....

Voter Suppression is an Affront to Democracy
October 28, 2016

Nevada has taken important steps to enhance voter access to the ballot box, Common Cause says in a report released today, but the state should adopt same day and automatic registration and accept the ballots of citizens who vote outside of their...

Report Cites Improvement, Vulnerabilities in Nevada Election Laws
October 26, 2016

A Common Cause report released today places Colorado at the top of the heap among states when it comes to making voting accessible and ensuring that every vote is counted as cast. Protecting the Vote in 2016: A Look at 11 Swing States rates...

Swing State Report Gives Colorado's Voting Laws High Marks
October 26, 2016

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